Can A Lawyer Practice Any Type Of Law?

If you need legal representation, and you know a good lawyer, you may be interested in having them represent you. However, if the lawyer you know practices a different type of law, they may not be able to give you the help that you need.

Technically speaking, a lawyer may not need to have specific qualifications to represent you. As long as they are licensed to work as a lawyer in your state, they will be able to handle your case. With that said, a lawyer that specializes in a different type of law may not be the right choice for your case.

A lot of people underestimate just how complex the law is. Lawyers can’t just rely on the knowledge that they picked up in law school. They need to be intimately familiar with the nuances of the type of law that they practice.

As an example, case law is an essential part of the legal world. The law is often written in a broad way, which means certain laws are open to interpretation. This means that certain cases are able to set a precedent. If a lawyer wants to argue a case in the present, they will have to understand cases of the past.

Depending on your location, your attorney may need to have specialty certification in order to practice certain types of law. States like New Mexico, California, and Arizona have laws regarding specialty certification. You can’t assume that any lawyer will be able to help you; you might have to work with a specific type of lawyer.

Your best bet is always going to be working with an attorney that has the right kind of expertise. Ask your lawyer friend to recommend another attorney to you. They should be able to introduce you to someone that can help you with your case. For example you wouldn’t ask help with child support from a criminal defense lawyer.