Lexi Ragano Wins AMA Student Marketer of the Year Award

South Elgin, Illinois native Lexi Ragano has won the AMA Student Marketer of the Year award, which will be handed out next month. She received the award as the result of the work she did alongside the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater American Marketing Association chapter, which itself won the AMA International Chapter of the Year award, which will be given at the virtual International Collegiate Conference from April 8 to April 10. 

Ragano said, “I still can’t believe it. I was humbled just to be nominated, and then overwhelmed when I won. My name may be on the award, but it reflects all the support from the chapter advisors and my co-presidents and other AMA members. Dr. Andy Dahl was such a great mentor to me as well, and Dr. Jimmy Peltier really pushed me to be the student and professional I now am.”

The college has won the AMA International Chapter of the Year award for the last ten years running. Chapter co-president Brianna Oelke said, “AMA has been a huge part of my collegiate career, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It provides so many real-life experiences that a classroom just can’t give. It also gives students many opportunities to travel and build their network while showing off their skills to future employers.”

Oelke was fortunate enough to be recruited by Dallas, Texas company PepsiCo for a sales management position.

Marketing major and chapter co-president Alec Arndt said, “We had to be at our best for the whole year. And in this year of hardship, one of our major goals was to give back to the community and all AMA members. This included pro bono work for local businesses, external competitions to provide other chapter’s opportunities to compete and earn money, and raising the most donations by any chapter for the AMA Foundation’s Giving Tuesday.”