Famous Pro Bono Cases

Believe it or not, pro bono cases actually don’t receive much attention. This is due to the that a lot of pro bono work is done in criminal defense cases. The criminal defense attorney agrees to work for free or a small compensation in order to represent their client. This seems almost backwards as most of the time clients pay their criminal attorneys a lot of money because they are under the assumption the more money they spend the better their defense will be.

There has been on case recently that has been be “partially” pro bono. This was the famous trial of Casey Anthony vs the State of Florida. All of her lawyers worked for a very small fee and spent almost three years prepping her defense. The real question is “Why?” Is representing Casey Anthony in her case against Florida really “for the good of the people” as pro bono suggests? Was it a social commentary on how it’s hard to find good representation when you can’t afford it? In all honesty, probably not. Nevertheless she was found not guilty in the murder of her child. In my opinion these lawyers took on this case pro bono not for the good of the people but for publicity.

A lot of employment lawyers also do pro-bono work but this time it’s truly “for the good of the people” especially when it comes to the advancement of legislation for human rights. At lot of employment attorneys will take discrimination cases whether they be age, sexual, gender, etc pro bono and then take part of the settlement as their pay. The same can be said for all personal injury attorneys. All personal injury attorneys work pro bono until settlement when they take a percentage. Sometimes this can be up to 40%… so much for the good of the people right?

Why You Should File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a personal injury, you may be wondering whether you should file a personal injury law suit.

Why may some people shy away from the idea? The reasons can vary, however one factor that may play a role is effort. After suffering a personal injury, energy and motivation levels can be low. The person can be fully focused on getting better, rather than entering the world of red tape.

Often apprehension, lack of legal knowledge and a fear of adding to an already stressful situation can cause people to hesitate about the prospect of filing a law suit.

Whilst such reasons are understandable, in general they should not stand in the way. In fact, let’s take a look at a few of the key reasons why you certainly should file a personal injury law suit.

You Are Entitled To Compensation

If you have received an injury as a result of the action of another party, you have an entitlement to file for compensation for the damages caused. Remember, you may think that your injuries will only be a slight hindrance to your life, however the opposite may be the case. Recovery may take longer than you anticipated and your normal career may be a struggle for the foreseeable future.

It May Help Someone Else

Filing a personal injury law suit brings the seriousness of the situation to light. This may result in a better and safer system coming into play, or at least an increased awareness of safety. Such a benefit can come to the aid of others, perhaps even preventing a similar injury.

Whilst filing a personal injury law suit can come with a level of stress, it is an undertaking that should be seriously considered by anyone who finds themselves in such a situation.