Are There Places To Get Free Legal Advice?

If you’re lucky, you get to live most of your life without ever having to deal with the finer points of the law. Most citizens are fortunate enough to spend many of their years not having to deal with legal matters, but invariably, particularly in the adult years, things come up. Whether it be divorce proceedings, setting up a business, or protecting yourself from a potential liability matter, there are times you do need legal advice. If you’re in serious trouble, you might not be able to afford a lawyer, and so that leaves you wondering if there are places to get free legal advice.

Fortunately, there are not only places to get free legal advice, but they are all around you if you just look a little bit.

If you personally are friends or family with a lawyer, you might want to check with them first and foremost. While they are not going to dispense a lot of time or effort on you without you paying or being a client, most lawyers freely give their professional expertise and advice to those that they care about. So, if you are able, start there.

The second place to check is online. The Internet has a number of websites, including forums, where you can ask legal questions and get responses back. The downside here is that you can’t always tell if you’re getting great advice from an actual attorney, but there are reputable sources available. Also, the sheer convenience of this is unbeatable.

Third, check around your local community for legal aid offices. These are often funded by public governments to provide free legal assistance to those in need of representation that can’t afford it, although sometimes they are also staffed or assisted by career lawyers who want to do pro bono work.