Pro Bono Legal Action Meets The Donald Trump Administration

It seems like wherever you look, Donald Trump is hard at work trying to make someone’s life just a little bit more difficult than it has to be. First, he wanted a travel ban placed on residents of certain “Muslim” countries he decided are associated with terrorism (barring the ones he does business with, of course). Then he wanted to shut out those in Mexico who would seek asylum in the United States.

The good thing is this: wherever you look, there are lawyers and civil rights advocates who shut down Trump’s obviously illegal activities before he can do any real damage.

The best thing about it? A lot of those lawyers are working pro bono. Many of them–thousands, in fact–work for some of the largest law firms in the country. Why? Well, part of the reason that so many lawyers are working against Trump in the immigration department is logistical: it’s easier and it’s safer. Most of their other clients are working in other fields and helping would-be immigrants won’t conflict with other client interests. They can do their thing without having to worry as much.

Another part of the reason is more obvious: Trump is a turd.

Recently, a judge struck down Trump’s plan to block those seeking asylum from entering the country before individual claims were approved. Trump wants it his way (i.e. for all the thousands of potential new immigrants to be held indefinitely in Mexico), but luckily the law on the matter is pretty cut and dry. Congress made its will known and said that those migrants would be allowed to apply for entry at legal border checkpoints.

Trump’s administration has made it clear that the matter is far from over, and that they would fight it tooth and nail in court.

The matter is made even more absurd by Trump’s deployment of troops at the Mexican border, with orders to use lethal force if necessary. The administration uses words like “crisis” and “invasion” to describe the band of tired, dusty, and dirty migrants fleeing persecution and violence. No wonder lawyers are lining up to take these idiots down free of charge. If you can do something to help make things right, then why not?

Trump thinks he’ll win eventually because a dumbed-down version of the aforementioned Muslim travel ban was eventually approved by the Supreme Court after a 5-4 vote. The order allowing migrants to apply for asylum will be in effect through December 19. Then the conversation will begin again.