The Many Different Types Of Undisclosed Fees

Have you ever gotten a bill that was much higher than you expected it to be? If this has happened to you, you probably have some familiarity with undisclosed fees. When someone is advertising a product or a service, they don’t necessarily have to mention all fees up front. They can charge undisclosed fees later on.

There are a few types of undisclosed fees that are very common.

Sales Tax

If you’re ordering something online, you may not see the sales tax until after you’ve added the item to your cart. Sales tax could catch you off guard when shopping at brick and mortar stores as well. Tax varies based on state laws. Make sure you’re familiar with the taxes that you’ll have to pay on a purchase. Keep this in mind when you are visiting out of town restaurants as well, sometimes you might be tipping your server way too much or way too little if you are used to just “doubling the tax”

Shipping Fees

If you’re having an item shipped to you, shipping may not be free. If you’re calculating the cost of an online purchase, you should try to see what shipping will cost you.

Other Additional Fees

In many cases, undisclosed fees cover the cost of an additional service. If you are paying a driver to take you somewhere, you may have to pay for their gas as well. If a service worker has to purchase a part, you may have to cover the cost of that part.

If you want to avoid undisclosed fees, you need to determine all the costs that you are responsible for. When someone quotes you a price, you should find out what that price includes.

If you’re paying for something, you deserve to know exactly how much you are going to be spending. Try to learn more about undisclosed fees. Once you’ve familiar with the different types of fees out there, you’ll be able to figure out when you’ll have to pay them.