Does A Paralegal Get Paid?

If you feel as though you would make a good paralegal, it is only natural that you would start to research and weigh all of your options. A common question that is asked will often be, “Do paralegals get paid and if so, how much?”

According to personal injury lawyer, Ben Bronston, a paralegal is someone that performed certain legal work for which the lawyer will ultimately be responsible. They will have the chance to perform a range of tasks that will usually include the maintenance and organization of files, the drafting of documents and going through with a certain level of legal research.

You will find paralegals in all sorts of organizations. However, many will work for government agencies, law firms or in corporate legal departments. On any given day, a paralegal could help with the following:

– Assisting lawyers during trial
– Organizing and presenting information
– Conducting research on legal articles, laws, and regulations
– Helping lawyers to write reports or to prepare for trial
– Secure information in databases that are related to cases
– Investigation of the facts of a case
– Draw up documents and correspondence, including contracts and mortgages
– Receive formal affidavits and statements that may be used in court as evidence

On average a paralegal will earn between $45,000 to $49,000 per year in salary, all depending on years of experience and with whom he/she is working for. the common career path for a paralegal can go a number of ways, with some moving on to become a legal assistant, senior paralegal, associate attorney, all the way up to a corporate paralegal or contracts manager.

According to statistics, one of the better states for working as a paralegal is California with the highest in wages and positions offered. This is followed by New York and New Jersey, both of which show a high rate of yearly pay and desirable available positions for a paralegal professional.