Famous Medical Malpractice Cases


Famous Medical Malpractice Cases

Throughout American history, court cases have shaped the way we view certain issues. There have been criminal cases that are covered nationally, like OJ Simpson, or the Menendez Brothers, and civil cases that were so outstanding they demanded news coverage (Stella Liebeck Vs. McDonald’s). We have uncovered a few medical malpractice cases that will leave your jaw hanging as you say “Are you kidding me?!”.

Some of the most famous medical malpractice cases in American history are:

Bodybuilder Gets Pecs

Alexander Baez was a former Mr. Mexico and Mr. Universe contestant. All he ever wanted was to have the best pecs in the world. Unfortunately, his want for pecs would lead him down a dangerous path. Baez found a doctor who would give him pec implants. That doctor was Reinaldo Silverman. Baez reported the day of the surgery and when he woke up, he noticed something was wrong. Well, it turns out that Dr. Silverman was not a doctor at all. Silverman used animal anesthetics to knock out Baez, then used woman’s breast implants instead of men’s pec implants. After the surgery, Silverman fled the country. He was found practicing and teaching medicine in Belize five years later and was arrested for a number of criminal charges.

Screwdriver Used as a Rod for a Spine

One day, Arturo Iturralde went in for back surgery. Arturo needed a rod put in his back and he trusted Dr. Robert Ricketson to get the job done. That was a big mistake for Arturo. During the surgery, Dr. Ricketson misplaced the rods he was going to implant in place to support Arturo’s spine. His quick fix was to remove the handle from a screwdriver and use that instead. A few days later, the screwdriver broke. This lead to more surgeries on Arturo’s back. Arturo recovered $5.6 million as a reward for a medical malpractice claim.

They Took the Wrong Leg

In the late 90s, Willie King suffered an infection in his leg. To prevent the infection from spreading, the doctor’s determined that they should remove his leg. Dr. Ronaldo Sanchez was responsible for performing the surgery. The surgery went well except for one little problem; Dr. Sanchez removed the wrong leg. Dr. Sanchez was ordered to pay $10,000 in fines and received a six -month suspension of his medical license. Willie King, became a millionaire. He was able to recover $900,000 from the hospital and $250,000 from the doctor.

While many surgeries may seem routine, there is always a chance something goes wrong. If you have had surgery and have been further injured or suffered an infection, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced medical malpractice today to learn more about your case.