If You Go To Trial For Identify Theft, Will You Get Your Money Back?

If someone has stolen your identity, it’s likely that they’ve caused a lot of financial issues for you. If you’re taking this case to trial, you probably have a lot of questions. For example, you may be wondering if you will get your money back after your case is resolved.

The Culprit May Be Ordered To Return Funds To You

If you are able to prove that the culprit stole funds from you, the culprit may be ordered to repay everything that they have stolen. Even if they have spent the money that they took from you, there’s a very good chance that you will be able to get some — or all — of that money back.

If an identity thief stole property from you, they would be ordered to return that property to you. The same is true of money. If you are able to prove they stole money from you, they will have to give that money back.

The Culprit Won’t Necessarily Be Able To Pay The Money That They Owe

Even if the culprit is found guilty and is ordered to return the funds they stole from you, you may not be able to recover everything that you have lost. If the culprit doesn’t have the money to repay you, repayment will be impossible.

With that said, you should have a lot of options when it comes to recovering your money. For example, if the culprit is not sentenced to prison, you may be able to have their wages garnished. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get back the things you have lost.

Your Credit Should Be Restored

Even if you don’t get all of your money back, you should be able to take care of any issues with your credit report. If your credit was shattered by these issues, you should be able to bring your credit back to where it was.

You should be able to dispute any inaccuracies on your credit report. If you’re struggling to remove a particular item from your credit report, you can work with a credit repair agency. They should be able to get your credit back to where it is supposed to be.

Not everyone that is a victim of an identity theft is able to get their money back. However, you are entitled to some restitution. Suffering from identity theft doesn’t have to ruin your life. You may be able to recover everything that you have lost.