Professional Pro Bono Work

If you hear the word pro bono you probably will think of a lawyer who provides free service for anyone who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. While it is true that this term typically applies to this type of legal work there are also other professionals who provide pro bono work. Pro bono is a Latin word that simply means a professional type of work that is done voluntarily and without payment. This is different than volunteerism because it is specifically for certain skills that a professional can provide.

For example, a doctor may have an office set up in a poorer part of a city where the people have very little. While he may charge for his services to the majority of his patients he will also provide pro bono, or free medical service, for any patient that cannot afford to pay. You will find also many doctors who spend some time in specific areas of the world providing a pro bono medical service. The recent devastation in certain countries such as Haiti is a good example of where you will find doctors doing pro bono work.

Another type of pro bono work may be done by a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or other tradesmen. They may devote a specific amount of their time helping to build a home or structure for someone less fortunate. You can see this type of work being done when rebuilding a dwelling because of fire. A building can easily be destroyed by fire because it is an older building without many of the more modern safety features such as smoke alarms or a water sprinklers.

The building may home the elderly or a group of homeless people who cannot afford to have the building rebuilt. This will provide an opportunity for a team of professional tradesmen to rebuild the dwelling at no cost to the residents. Anyone who does pro bono work whether it be a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, or a tradesman should be congratulated and held in high esteem for providing this type of humanitarian service.